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L'Esprit du 12ème Restaurant

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A light-filled room with contemporary design. On the terrace on sunny days or in the restaurant’s private lounge. Choose your setting for delicious moments.

The cuisine of L’Esprit du 12ème, which locals have dubbed ED12, takes its inspiration from local organic products while adding a dash of madness and modernity. The culinary crew is made up of highly colourful personalities, each one a participant in the unique ambiance that reigns in the dining room and the kitchen. In this east Paris bistro, classic French dishes are revisited and updated according to the natural cycle of the seasons.

The head chef, Julien Roby, aims to take the art of eating well beyond the hotel walls, giving local epicures and hotel guests alike a bistronomic and cosmopolitan dining experience.

A bistronomic break brimming with flavour

The chef

The Chef, Julien Roby


Julien Roby has been at the gastronomic helm of Pullman Paris Centre-Bercy since August 2017. With savoir-faire and the utmost respect for la tradition culinaire française, he fearlessly adds his own modern touches to each dish. Our executive chef brings to his current position several years in various Michelin-starred restaurants, a stint with the artisanal association Compagnons du Tour de France des Devoirs Unis, and many evenings spent behind the stoves of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ kitchen. Today he invites you to discover his passion.

What would you say is your dominant style in the kitchen?

When it comes to a culinary technique, I get enormous satisfaction from filleting fish. This is a very technical procedure, and it took some time for me to master it perfectly. As for ingredients, one of my favourites is the potato. With so many ways to cook it and all the various forms it can take, the potato opens the door to an endless variety of delicious possibilities.

Is it difficult to refresh a menu?

At Pullman Paris Centre-Bercy, it’s not just one menu. You have the bistronomic dishes of the L’Esprit du 12ème restaurant, on-the-go options of the Live Corner, gourmet nibbles at the Pamper Bar, personalised small bites for conference and meeting breaks, bespoke banquets for weddings… Fortunately, I have with me a team that is close-knit, reliable and creative, and we are more than prepared to rise to the challenge. We pride ourselves on successfully blending Pullman’s avant-gardist flair with France’s culinary traditions.

What do you love most about your work?

Without a doubt, the human aspect. As the French master chef Paul Bocuse said, this is ‘a profession of mentoring, and it is our duty to pass on our knowledge’. It’s about igniting the flame of passion in each person’s heart – a passion and a pleasure that we share not only with each other in the kitchen, but also with our guests.

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